Doku the Self
Lu Yang

“When I look at Doku, I sense my soul coming out of my body, like a near-death experience: looking at the body that is my own, but that which has nothing to do with me.”

Quote by Lu Yang published in "Lu Yang’s digital reincarnations explore the ghost in the machine" via www.dazeddigital.com

Doku: The Self is Lu Yang's first narrative film within the ongoing Doku series. Doku, Lu Yang's digital avatar, was born before the turbulent year 2020 and developed during a time of uncertainty. Combining technology, dance, exotic costumes, Buddhist concepts, and physical movements, Lu Yang infuses personal life experiences into Doku, weaving a video centered around specific memories and lived encounters. The film's narrative is triggered by Doku's personal dream, which serves as a catalyst for a series of events. In this dream, Lu Yang's digital avatar experiences a world in decay and impending disaster, mirroring the struggles of the world's inhabitants. However, the extinction event of the dream turns into an inevitable awakening - an airplane flying through clouds and thunderstorms. The phrase "dying in a dream and living in reality" illustrates the artist's complete detachment in reflecting on personal experience. Lu Yang navigates between subject and object with a composed perspective throughout the film. By perceiving the "overview effect," the artist has encountered the non-duality of death and birth - a perpetual cycle of transformation and overlap that coexists in an unbreakable manner.

Benjamin Baar