Virtual Interface Environment
Scott Fisher

"The objective of this research effort is to develop a multisensory, interactive display system in which a used can virtually explore a 360-degree synthesized or remotely sensed environment and viscerally interact with its components. This work is done in the context of developing a multipurpose operator interface 'environment' to facilitate natural interaction with:

  • Complex operational tasks such as control or remotely operated robotic devices and vehicles that require a sufficient quantity and quality of sensory feedback to approximate actual presence at the task site.

  • Large-scale integrated information systems in which data manipulation, storage and retrieval and system monitoring tasks can be spatially organized."

Fisher, S. S., Wenzel, E. M., Coler, C., & McGreevy, M. W. (1988). Virtual Interface Environment Workstations. Proceedings of the Human Factors Society Annual Meeting, 32(2), 91–95.